Year 2014

November 20, 2014 the Tenth China Outstanding Corporate Citizen annual meeting and awards ceremony held in Beijing. Jane Austrian group was named "2014 China Outstanding Corporate Citizen" title, which is the tenth award Zhen-Ao Group. In addition, "said Austrian Group - National Health Lifestyle 121 Action" was named "2014 China Corporate Citizenship outstanding projects," said Austrian Group CHEN Yu-ping, vice president won the "2014 China's most socially responsible entrepreneurs".

November 12, chairman of Cambodia APIDA company Rioja ? ? Sharon Lee and his party of four visited Jane Austrian group. APIDA in Cambodia is principally engaged in investment holding, benefiting from its relatives, said Austrian products, so the company made a special trip to Zhen-Ao Group study, hoping to Jane Austrian products imported to Cambodia, the Cambodian people to get more benefit.

November 7, issued by the Association of World Records world record certificate to the Zhen-Ao Group, giving endless DNA stands BioValley, said Austrian Nobel Square double helix sculpture "world's largest" title.

October 10, Party Secretary of Dalian Jun Tang, vice mayor Liu Yan rate various commissions Bureau came to the city, said Austrian BioValley research, accompanied Jinzhou New Area Administrative Committee Director Xu Changyuan, deputy director Li Li and other leaders. After the end of investigation, Tang Shuji short at the scene held a provisional meeting, summarized the research situation. Tang Shuji contribution in Dalian Zhen-Ao Biological Valley biomedical industry made the highly praised, and Jane Austrian BioValley building operation given the recognition and praise, he said Austrian rely on scientific research and encourage the advantages of raw materials, extend the industrial chain expand cooperation in space, to develop more new products to meet market demand, give full play to the advantages of biological Jane Austrian industry, and the said Austrian BioValley bigger and stronger.

September 16 to celebrate the establishment of eighteen years, said Austrian nucleic Celebration Conference & Nutrition and Health Forum held in said Austrian Bio Valley. Vice chairman and secretary general Xu Huafeng China Health Care Association, the China Consumer Association Deputy Secretary-General, spokesman Liu Min, Dalian advanced equipment manufacturing park management committee director Liu Xinjun, the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention researcher, PhD tutor Professor Li Rong, Zhen-Ao Group technical adviser, Chinese expert member of the food standards Agency, Professor Li Shu, Zhen-Ao Group CEO Chen Yuqi, president Wu Tianjing, throughout the country, said Austrian managers, experts and customers a total of more than a thousand people attended the relatives.

August 26, the International Weightlifting Federation, said Austrian Group to renewal ceremony. After the renewal ceremony, the Chairman of Damasus came to international DNA, said Austrian Health Science and Technology Museum, here to learn more about the company's development process, and the Science and Technology Museum building praised. Damasus said Austrian President also came to the health care products shop, where witness provided to the IWF, said Austrian product packaging processes. After the visit, Chairman Damasus Jane Austrian group health products, health concepts, as well as Jane Austrian BioValley international vision and modern production base to give a high level of trust and blessing.

August 6, Dalian Zhen-Ao Group decided Charities Jinhui Zhen Austrian filial respect Charitable Fund spending money of 50 million, donated to earthquake relief at Zhaotong, Yunnan Zhaotong Ludian for "8 ? 03" Earthquake Relief.

June 27, sponsored by the National Personnel Information Research Center of Foreign Experts Affairs abroad, the International Conference on Bio Integration (Dalian) Co., Ltd. hosted the first Global Innovation 2014 Economic Forum was held in Dalian International Conference Center. That night, "said Austrian Bio Valley Night" welcome dinner held at the Dalian International Conference Center. Zhen-Ao Group vice president Liu attended the welcome dinner, and take this opportunity to experts from around the world, said Austrian scholar Recommend BioValley.

May 19, said Austrian filial respect Charitable Foundation Zhen-Ao Group in Dalian Charity Federation in the allocation of $ 200,000 for participation in Dalian and the Dalian Charity Evening, Dalian Traffic Radio jointly organized the "filial piety ? assist elderly elderly "public welfare activities.

April 25, the fifth international DNA and genomic biological activities Week and Jane Austrian Gu Gu ceremony grand curtain. Former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Honorary President of the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship Jiang Zhenghua, former Central Discipline Inspection Committee, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, China Health Care Association chairman Zhang Fenglou, Dalian Mayor Lee Wan was, and the Dalian Municipal Government , Jinzhou New Area relevant leaders attended the event. More than 20,000, said Austrian relatives from across the country also attended the event. At the opening ceremony, organized and chaired by the academician Sun Baoguo review committee composed of experts in different areas of security announced by the Peking University School of Public Health, Tongji University, said Austrian Group and other units to complete the "product nucleic acid and nucleotide functional studies, "the results of the review; Eleventh five-Year national Science and Technology support program, said Austrian research was now officially listed Swiss capsules; and the State Sports General Administration training Council, said Austrian Group signed again, preparing for cooperation" Rio Olympic Games "; Jane Austrian group again He was awarded the "2013 annual China Luxury corporate citizen" award. The Austrian biological Jane Gu Gu ceremony invited the famous CCTV host Sa Beining, Dalian TV famous host Wei Nini, co-chaired by Zhang Ying.

March 30, "the credibility of the Fifth China Health Forum and the Fifth China health care products credibility and brand recognition of the nomination exercise Conference" was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Hundreds of companies from the health care industry representatives, led more than a thousand representatives of consumers, as well as relevant state ministries and commissions, the guests gathered grand Chinese healthcare industry credibility festival. After consumers vote combined with expert evaluation, the credibility of this election activities 100 product credibility, the credibility of the top ten brand-name brands and three health care industry, said Austrian companies for outstanding performance in terms of integrity management gains more than three awards.

March 4, 2014 Fifth International DNA and Genome Week press briefing held in Dalian. Bulletin 2014 Fifth International DNA and Genome Week, to be held April 25-28 in Dalian. The conference by the Personnel Information Research Center, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs abroad, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Branch jointly organized by Zhen-Ao Group, Bio Integration Group co-host. International DNA and Genome Week as the life sciences, "Davos" event, a professional meeting international genetics and genomics, dedicated to global scientists, research institutions and enterprises to build a communication, butt platform.

January 18, said Austrian Group annual meeting on the theme "Opportunities and mission." At the meeting, Chen Yusong chairman made an important speech. He said the annual conference held in Austria, said the BioValley, not only marked the Bio Valley advance into the construction and completion of the countdown stage production preparation, but also sounded the full production and into the market ChongFengHao, but also marks a more open, said Austrian undertakings rapid and better development stage, Austria, said the implementation of the "four new initiatives" to create "Jane Austrian five" major impact far-reaching significance.

year 2013

December 19, China Health Industry Alliance & Health Industry report will be held in Beijing. Zhen-Ao Group because of our health industry contributions and influence, China Health Industry Alliance members to join the first phase, and became vice chairman of the unit.

December 20, Jane Austrian group headquarters and employees gathering in even the members of Zhen-Ao Group's new home - said Austrian Bio Valley, said Austrian held BioValley housewarming ceremony.

December 5, at the 13th China International Health Festival, said Austrian has received numerous awards again.

November 26, Lin Xiaogang Commission by letter, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Department Luan Hongmei, and Dalian City Commission by letter to the person in charge of investigation and study, said Austrian Bio Valley. Lin Xiaogang, deputy director of the business results achieved and platform construction industry fully affirmed and encouraged to seize the said Austrian industrial real estate investment, the provincial R & D center construction and national policy opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, to attract more national and provincial projects support for the bio-pharmaceutical industry development in Liaoning Province to make greater contributions.

October 20, River Town, Liaoyang County in Liaoning Province Cide Yuan Hope School inauguration was held, Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Division Zhan Fu, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and other leaders LIBERATION Hope Primary School Teachers Health a total of more than 300 people attended the ceremony. Zhen-Ao Group is also actively involved, to the River Town Hope Primary School donated $ 50,000 worth of sports equipment.

October 23, Liaoning Provincial Economic Cooperation Office (referred to as "jointly organized by") master Renzhou Yi win, accompanied by provincial, municipal and related Jinzhou New Area under the leadership of his party more than 10 people, said Austrian BioValley project conducted an investigation. Zhou Ren Duizhen main Olympic BioValley project to be sure, and for the investment, the production plan, employment and other issues detailed inquiry.

September 9 --12, sponsored by the China Association of the old university, Jane Austrian nucleic acid Group in association with Jane Austrian Cup Third National Elderly College Arts Festival opened in Longkou City, Shandong Province. More than 100 universities from around the country aged nearly 4600 people attended the show, unprecedented.

September 1, organized by Dalian Jinzhou New Area Party Working Committee Propaganda Department, New TV host of "New we have the power," Hundred Days campaign of front-line condolences to perform first came to the region, said Austrian BioValley key projects construction site. Leading New Party Work Committee, the CMC director Xu Changyuan rate New and advanced equipment manufacturing park attended. Zhen-Ao Group chairman Chen Yusong other leaders and BioValley site more than 600 front-line workers watched the show. Zhen-Ao Group CEO Chen Yuqi also took to the stage, and General Workers emotional chorus "who" dedicated line construction workers.

August 26 --27 days, the IWF Executive Committee meeting held in Beijing, the IWF main Xidamasi, the Secretary-General Ma Wenguang and nearly 30 lift linking executive committee from around the world attended the meeting.

July 23, Vice Mayor of Dalian City Food Luring rate relevant commissioned Bureau of Food and Drug Administration, Health Bureau, Finance Bureau and other responsible persons, to Austria, said the group visited the research. Vice Mayor Lu heard BioValley construction progress and other relevant circumstances, along with the requirements of the various municipal authorities, production and operation of enterprises to create a better environment to help solve real business problems.

July 16, the fourth by the elderly University seminar organized by Chinese Elderly Association of Universities held in Wuxi, China Lei tube celebrate the old university, said Austrian Association invited everyone to the president of group marketing for Jane Austrian group presentations.

July 11 morning, after 15 months of hard work, said Austrian biological Valley two landmark monomer - office building and Technology Museum held capping ceremony. New advanced equipment manufacturing park director Liu Xinjun, victory street party committee secretary and Song Zhuncun car elected chairman of the Board and the relevant leaders said Austrian Chen Yusong Group CEO Chen Yuqi and even high-level cadres, the construction side of the old friend , guests, builders of a total of over a hundred people attended the ceremony.

June 8, said Austrian group held publicize and implement the National Food Drug Administration, "the fight against health food 'four non' special action 'meeting, senior leadership group and scientific research, production, marketing and management positions backbone were present. A special session of the China Health Care Association chairman Zhang Fenglou, as we explain the "four not" letter and spirit of the special action.

June 6, Liaoning Province, the city Food and Drug Administration Yan Haolin, Li Zhigang and other leading line 4, said Austrian headquarters to combat the "four non" special flight inspection activities. The inspection process, the leadership of the provincial Food and Drug Administration health care products site, testing, raw materials purchase and sale accounting, product samples and other left one by one verification, the relevant staff to conduct random checks questioning. Ultimately, said Austrian regulate the production, strict implementation of national laws and regulations affirmed.

May 29, said Austrian biotechnology company high nucleotide yeast extract (YE) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) workshop was held in the main cap, said Austrian Bio Valley. So far, said Austrian Bio Valley bio-manufacturing class main project completed.

April 20, within 24 hours of Ya'an, Sichuan earthquake, said Austrian become the first action of Dalian, the donation of 100 million, and allocated funds from the fund, said Austrian love, condolences to the affected customers and employees.

April 2, Dalian, said Austrian Green Foundation to donate money to Project Hope 500,000 orientation for Dalian North Third Rural school construction and happy sports garden "Dream University" project to support poor college students.

January 28, 2013, said Austrian Group meeting, said Austrian once again become the State Sports General Administration Training Council partners; Jane Austrian nucleic acid products once again become the "National Sports Training Athlete protection products", "Chinese Weightlifting Association designated health care products "; Jane Austrian" nucleic acid and the National health "propaganda activity to start earlier.


In December, said Austrian Science and Technology Museum China Science and Technology Association honored as "National Science Education Base" title.

In December, Austria, said the series of health products are designated for the Pacific island countries Weightlifting Association, the only health care products sponsor.

December 8, Jane Austrian honored as "2012 China Best Employer" honorary title.

December 4, the Twelfth China International Health Festival, said Austrian has received numerous awards again.

December 2, Jane Austrian group of eight consecutive reelection "China's outstanding corporate citizen," and was honored as the highest level of honor again - "China Star Corporate Citizen" title.

June 29, said Austrian Group three consecutive "national community service advanced unit."

June 20, said Austrian Group signed a contract with the International Weightlifting Federation to cooperate, to become the first of its centennial IWF Global Health Partners, said Austrian nucleic acids Jane Austrian States and other products become IWF designated products.

May 12 to 14, said Austrian won the national quality business services field's highest honor - National Business Quality Award, the Department of Chinese health care industry's first win of the enterprise.

April 8, said Austrian Bio Valley held a groundbreaking ceremony for the field level.

March 31, Jane Austrian group was awarded "China won three consecutive top ten health care products brand credibility" special award.

year 2011

November 1, "said Austrian Bio Valley" ground-breaking ceremony was held in Dalian biopharmaceutical park advanced equipment manufacturing park, Dalian Municipal Committee and other leaders attended the Tang Book.

October 1, "said Austrian pharmacies" in Dalian opened eight stores in one fell swoop.

June 30-July 7, said Austrian invited to participate in Penang, Malaysia at the "37th man and the second in the 17th Women's World Youth Weightlifting Championships", the Chinese concept of a nucleic acid products and related recommendation to the whole world weightlifting community athletes, coaches and referees.

May 30, Jane Austrian-funded reconstruction of Shifang City of Sichuan Yuan Shi said Austrian primary school officially put into use.

April 26, at the 2nd International Festival of the six Nobel DNA master Qi Juzhen Austria, to participate in "life science and cutting-edge technology ? DNA / RNA research prospects and Outlook" seminar. Over the same period, due to a nucleic acid nutrition to improve human health we have accumulated many years of scientific research and industrialization has made outstanding contributions to a normative view of Jane Austrian research institutions and long-term research investment planning, "China Health Care Association, Nucleic Acids Research Base "Jane was formally established in Austria. German President Joachim W Engels and nucleic acid Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Bangyong China Health Care Association, said Austrian awarded jointly to the plaque.

February 27, said Austrian industry by the National Credit highest "AAA-class enterprises," authority for the China Health Care Association (2008 menstrual National Market Economic Order Rectification and Standardization Office of the State Council - now the Ministry of Commerce Division of the market order, SASAC Association Office formally approved, become China's health care industry the only industry enterprise credit system evaluation units).

In February, "said Austrian Consumer Protection Xianxingpeifu margin" was formally established in the associations, the deposit will be directed to damages caused by products and services provided by Jane Austrian sales to consumers suffering damage compensation.

year 2010

October 8, said Austrian elected "China Health Inspection Association executive director unit of the first session of the Council," said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong elected "China Health Inspection Association executive director of the first session of the Council."

In September, he said Austrian by FCC (US Food Chemicals Codex) invitation to participate in the first international food standards developed by RNA.

August 17, by the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology hosted "Jane Austrian nucleic acids, nucleotides security, technology features and functionality of basic research achievements appraisal" held a number of domestic and foreign food, nutrition and health, food safety and other technology renowned scientists gathered in a field, nutrition and health, school of public health, Peking University research team identified three, four generations of breeding rats and mice thousand experimental research, agreed that: Jane Austrian enzymatic production of nucleotides than chemical synthesis method is more natural, with high yield, good quality characteristics.

April 12, said Austrian became the Shanghai World Expo International Development Network Information Center international partners to interact with business. In September, the International Development Network Information Center, said Austrian awarded to the Millennium Award, in recognition of Austria, said the United Nations Millennium Development Goals contribute.

February 10, Jane Austrian was named "National Commercial 3.15 Honor."

February 1, said Austrian products was selected Chinese Weightlifting Association, "National Weightlifting Team designated health products," said Austrian products at the same time as the spokesperson from the Olympic champion Liu Chunhong, Cao Lei, Lu Yong, dragon springs.

In January, said Austrian State Intellectual Property Office was named "national IPR pilot enterprises and units."

Year 2009

October 18, Jane Austrian establishment of "filial respect Jane Austrian charity fund" in Dalian Charity Federation, from 2009 to 2018, completed a total donation of 10 million yuan, the orientation for the relief of poverty and the elderly living alone.

July 25, said Austrian was named the China Association of Social Workers Community Services Committee, "National Advanced Enterprise Community Service."

July 16, Jane Austrian was awarded the "China Charity outstanding contribution to the unit (enterprise) Award" China Charity Federation.

May 13, sponsored by the China Health Care Association, "Chinese health care industry to ensure the credibility of Action" activated, Jane Austrian nucleic acid produced five capsules and other products have mobile identity using certificates, which Jane Austrian nucleic acid eligible for No. 001.

April 28, Dalian, said Austrian became the only won the "2009 Liaoning Province advanced collective" honor of the enterprise.

February 28, Jane Austrian was named "universal health care industry to carry out a series of activities lifestyle" advanced collective, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong was named "Chinese health care industry pioneering and innovative character."

Year 2008

December 5, said Austrian won the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "China Charity Award for the most caring domestic enterprises."

In October, the Economic Commission of Liaoning Province, the Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau jointly identified Jane Austrian technology development agencies "provincial enterprise technology center."

In May, after the Wenchuan earthquake, a total of Zhen-Ao Group's total contributions were full value 1885.3252 million, of which donations 885.3252 million.

January 22, "said Austrian Cup · nationwide ten million elderly health series of activities to welcome the Olympic Games," Starting, former world champion Qiu Zhonghui, Zhuang Zedong, Li Shulan was invited to become the event ambassador.

January 8, Austria, said the Liaoning provincial government awarded the "Quality Management Award", in Dalian has become the only selected enterprises.


In October, Austria, said the country was named the State Administration for Industry, "Shou contract re-credit" units.

August 2, said Austrian was identified as "the State Sports General Administration Training Council partners," Jane Austrian nucleic acid such as a dozen products have been identified as "National Sports Training Bureau of products for athletes."

July 29, by the National Development and Reform Commission project, said Austrian invest a billion dollars, covers an area of 20,000 square meters of "Jane Austrian bio-engineering production platform" started. Today, the platform for the production of 5'-nucleotide by Europe and other developed countries welcome.

April 26, Liaoning Province, said Austrian Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Liaoning 518 certificate."

January 9, said Austrian won the China Charity Federation, "China Charity Award for outstanding contributions."

year 2006

November 26, said Austrian Chen Yusong was elected chairman in 2006, "China's top ten filial respect model" and the CCTV "sunset red" section of the site to receive the award.

In early November, Jane Austrian national independent research and development of a class of drugs - injectable review by the Ministry of Science cardiomyopeptidin as the "2006 National Torch Program."

October 20, said Austrian outstanding contribution in building a harmonious labor relations, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises have done, was awarded "China Top Ten Employer industry," the title.

October, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said Austrian granted and chairman Chen Yusong "to support China's aging public welfare outstanding contribution to enterprise and entrepreneurs," the title.

September 16, said Austrian decade celebrated at Dalian Xinghai Square, ten thousand consumers across the country to participate in activities.

May 20, "China's top ten health care products credibility of the brand" selected activities, from Austria, said the thousands of health products stand out, the first place in the expert assessment results. Thereafter, he said Austrian award year after year.

April 28, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong was named "Liaoning Province, model workers."

In January, Austria, said the chairman Chen Yusong second book, "Jane Austrian Dialectics" published by the Daily Press. The core idea of the book, said Austrian discussed dialectic, is inherit and carry forward traditional Chinese culture collection, to explore business management philosophy to contribute.


In December, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce through many rigorous examination, finds that "Jane Austria" as the Chinese well-known trademarks.

November 16, "China's first Best Corporate Citizen awards ceremony" was held in Beijing's Great Hall, Jane Austrian was named "Best Corporate Citizen", said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong was elected vice president, on behalf of many domestic read outstanding enterprises, "China corporate citizenship Declaration." Up to now, Austria, said the term does not fall in a row won the title of China Outstanding Corporate Citizen.

In September, Jane Austrian was named "national food safety PARKnSHOP advanced units."

In July, said Austrian premiere nationwide large-scale drama "crazy mother", the audience do not charge a penny, only to praise maternal love, filial piety wake.

June 30, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong was "excellent private entrepreneurs in Liaoning Province," the honorary title.

May 20, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong were China Aging Development Foundation, the China Charity Federation appointed "honorary vice president."

May, "China Pharmaceutical News," Survey: nucleic acids Jane Austrian health care products ranked first in domestic urban households purchase amount.

April 26, said Austrian spend hosted by the Dalian Municipal Government hosted the "2005 China (Dalian) International DNA and Genome Week", dozens of Chinese and foreign scientists here said Austrian, five of whom Nobel laureate as "Jane Austrian Life Park Phase II "foundation. Activities for Chinese and foreign scientific community to contribute to the exchange.

April 26, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong was named "2005 Chinese mainland's top ten philanthropists."

April 10, said Austrian was approved by the Economic Commission of Liaoning Province became the "key industrial enterprises in Liaoning."

February 2, said Austrian Life Science Park as one of the first to declare "national industrial tourism demonstration sites," the official unveiling. So far, said Austrian Life Science Park received a total of more than one million people around the tourists.

January 26, said Austrian nucleic acid is included in the "Ministry of Commerce focusing on cultivating brand-name export and Development", China's first export brand health care products.

January 21, said Austrian nucleic acid is China Health Care Association as the first "Chinese famous brand products health care industry."

January 8, said Austrian donation to the China Aging Development Foundation, 20 million yuan to set up, "said Austrian filial respect special fund", and thus opened "Jane Austrian National filial respect and love old HelpAge Project" big screen. Ministry of Civil Affairs and other five ministries jointly awarded the same period, said Austrian "national education campaign respecting and loving the old Outstanding Organization Award."

year 2004

December 21, chairman Chen Yusong said Austrian Ministry of Civil Affairs awarded the "top ten Donations individual award," Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall for the award.

In December, the Liaoning Province, the relevant departments of the audit, said Austrian became the first "post-doctoral research base" of the enterprise.

In November, the National Bureau of Industrial and Transportation Statistics Division, the China Information Daily, China Industrial Information Release Center named its 2003 annual "Top Ten national industrial enterprises in key industries benefit", said Austrian ranked fourth in nutrition, health food industry.

In September, Austria, said the chairman Chen Yusong first book "Ideological Quality" published by the Daily Press. The book reveals Jane Austrian enterprises from scratch, from small to large and from weak to strong most fundamental reason is that the correct ideological force, created and perfected the mechanics thought that the case was classified as teaching Chinese People's University College Business School , issued a total of more than 400,000.

July 25, the first "Jane Austrian Cup · National Silver Age beauty contest" in Beijing's Great Hall to start; October 20, the first time the Chinese authorities in Beijing elderly pageant broadcast theater perfect curtain call, the Tenth National Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, General Chi Haotian old award winners.

June 18, the Austrian Nobel laureate Dr. Jane Siegel green Kerner "Jane Austrian nucleic acid research and development cooperation projects" signing ceremony in Beijing's Great Hall. Since many years, Dr. Green flew to China several times Kerner Nightingale, Jane Austrian nucleic depth study population signs taking effect, further studies verify product Jane Austrian science and efficacy.

May 30, said Austrian Love festival was founded, it has been more than 200 pairs of couples completed by Jane Austrian Wedding Love festival, reflects the company's employees love emotion.

In May, Austria, said the country started "Health Olympics, the Passion - Never elderly healthy large signature campaign for Beijing Olympics", the country's 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the elderly involved. July 28, the Olympic rings flag surface 280 is formed 2004 meters long, 2.8 meters wide, on display at the Great Wall, and finally donated to the Chinese Olympic Committee.

April 28, said Austrian was awarded the Dalian Municipal Government "2002--2003 annual Dalian advanced unit" title. On the same day, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong won "Liaoning Province 'May' Labor Medal" and "Dalian city model worker" title.

April 16, said Austrian nucleic acid capsule passed MHLW food inspection, successfully entered the Japanese market.

February 27, China Health Care Association held the inaugural meeting in the Great Hall, Austria, said the chairman Chen Yusong was elected vice chairman.

February 4, Austria, said the Liaoning provincial government was rated as "large taxpayer", in 2003 the total amount of tax listed private enterprises in Liaoning Province eighth.

In January, said Austrian title CCTV Spring Festival Evening, "Jane Austrian nucleic acid Cup · my favorite Spring Festival Gala Award" campaign launched. On February 5 Lantern Festival party, said Austrian chairman Chen Yusong said Austrian consumers carry more than 100 from all over to attend and prizes to the winners of the Spring Festival Evening program.

Year 2003

November 5, Austria, said the company has made the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) registration status of enterprises, 11, said Austrian products passed customs clearance inspection into the US market.

In September, the Ministry of Science, said Austrian was named "outstanding high-tech enterprises."

In August, Jennifer Ott hired experts in health education based on human biology theories innovations suitable for the elderly practitioners of "Jane Austrian exercises" to promote the country. Today, the country has millions of middle-aged friends practitioners said Austrian exercises.

July 28, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce review, Jane Austrian group was set up and held a grand ceremony in the park, said Austrian life.

May 26, China Red Cross Association President Peiyun issued certificate granting Jane Austrian "China Red Cross Medal" and "fraternity" plaque; June 11, 2006, the Chinese Red Cross Jane Austrian again issued a "fraternity "medal.

April 28, "said Austrian companies, thousands of consumers, employees offered to front-line medical worker caring activities" started to have more than 200 cities nationwide, more than 400 hospitals in the anti-SARS medical staff donated more than 33 million yuan said Austrian nucleic acid products. May 9, said Austrian nucleic acid capsule is listed as the first batch of China Science and Technology Institute of Health recommended to the anti-SARS medical staff donated health care products.

April 14, said Austrian history commissioned two Shanghai Fudan University and Tongji University School of Public Health Medical School conducted a large sample, multi-center, randomized, double-blind clinical study based on the health of the body, by experts in Beijing. This played a role in the pilot demonstration for the health care industry through human clinical trials.

March 20, Zhen-Ao Group Co., Ltd. invested 55% in the proportion of enterprises with the Shanghai Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly set up Mary Jane Austrian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shanghai, production and marketing, said Austrian HTB functional textiles.

year 2002

September 20, a national drug injection cardiomyopeptidin are classified as "15" national major science and technology programs.

July 22, Science and Technology Museum, said Austrian completed, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, American biochemist Dr. Richard · J · Roberts cut the ribbon for the opening of Science and Technology Museum.

June 19, said Austrian Life Science Park held a grand opening ceremony, national, provincial and municipal leaders, experts and consumers a total of more than 1,600 people came to celebrate, said Austrian official site moved to the double-D Port.


In November, said Austrian and Chinese Health Education Association jointly launched the "China Health Care for Elderly Love Project", the project took five years, Austria, said the total investment of more than 1 million by the "Meet Health Community Bank, 100 field one thousand words famous doctors health "and other series of activities composed of middle-aged friends across the country continued to send the health and happiness.

August 10, Jane Austrian nucleic acid Liaoning provincial government is determined to "2001 local boutique."

July 24, China conducted its first health care industry credibility assurance activities, said Austrian participation was elected to take the lead "guaranteed business management committee vice chairman of China Health credibility".

In July, Jane Austrian nucleic acid through the layers of testing and review, by the Chinese Olympic Committee Marketing Commission as "the 28th Olympic Chinese sports delegation dedicated health care products."

April, the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Commerce and Industry, said Austrian Comments to "contract and keeping promises units."

In February, during the "nucleic acid media storm", said Austrian National Science and Technology identified as "National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises," said Austrian people give great encouragement.

February 25, the Ministry of Health held a news conference, clearly pointed out: the Ministry of Health approved the exact efficacy of nucleic acid products, can not be questioned. "Nucleic acid media storm" come to an end, but Jane Ormond by huge losses and grievances.

February 22, "China nucleic acid substances used in health-related industries hearings" held in Beijing.

February 11, "National nucleic acid substances functions and applications Seminar" held in Shanghai;

Two authoritative conference jointly concluded: nucleic acid as the regulation of biological phenomena important material, physiological function and nutritional functions, used in the treatment of drug and health products safe and reliable.


In October, said Austrian product of the "First China International Health Products Exposition gold medal." Since then, the annual session of China Health Products International Fair changed its name to China International Health Festival, until now, every year in a row, said Austrian bagged "Excellent / Top Ten Enterprises", "Excellent / Top Ten Health", "Excellent / Top Ten entrepreneurs "and many other awards.

September 1, said Austrian nucleic acid technology won the "Liaoning Province medical science progress award."

August 20, said Austrian double-D as the first stationed in Dalian Port companies held a grand opening ceremony, a new site named said Austrian Life Science Park.

June 27, Putian, Fujian, said Austrian nucleic acid merger Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in Fujian, said Austrian nucleic acid, the National dominant trend at the nucleic acid is formed from the raw material.

May 11, Dalian, said Austrian Pharmaceutical Co. Incorporated, Injection Cardiomyopeptidin be included in the national "Nine Five" key project of Medicine.

Year 1999

In October, the Liaoning provincial government was rated as "outstanding new products in Liaoning Province, the third gold medal."

In March, Jane Austrian nucleic acid capsules to obtain the Ministry of Health health food key word [1999] 0081 the first batch.


June 9, "People's Daily" reported: China's largest industrial base built nucleic acid in Dalian.

In May, Jane Austrian nucleic acid began test marketing.

In April, Jane Austrian nucleic acid mass production.

March 11, the State Torch Program Office of Science and Technology Commission issued a "national Torch Program project certificate" as Jane Austrian nucleic acid techniques.


April 18, at the foot of Dalian Montenegro humilis everywhere, the office said Austrian research foundation started, completed and put into use in September.


May 20, said Austrian Group predecessor - Dalian Tin Lok Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established nucleic acid, said Austrian who started working "nucleic acid is applied to human health," the dream.

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