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Austrian workers' families Aizhen

Into said Austrian, like walking into a warm family, home is full of unity, friendship, warm, harmonious atmosphere. Let love cultural development, said Austrian infinite love Jane Austrian culture is to let people derived from the humane management principles - equality, respect, care, support and fun. Whether frontline sales staff or personnel Group headquarters functions, they all supplies from the great love of Jane Austrian culture, they have their hearts in love with this home.

Now, let us work together to feel the love of the family staff Jane Otis ......

Storm rainbow
ZHENAO - my home
Nanfennanshe six years
Storm rainbow

October 2002, I joined Jane Austria. In the years Jane Austrian work can be described as career, love double harvest. After years of hard work, in 2007, I have their own shop - fuzhoucheng service shop, when I set up a small team of five people, and I feel a big responsibility. I also believe that in the near future, my team will be even stronger. Jane in Austria, I was home, bought a house, buy a car, the family life very happy ......

Good life, better obey their parents, their own good, I hope brothers and sisters live a good life. So, I put my brother also introduced to Jane to work in Austria. A few years, he also has his own shop. I know, father, mother and siblings, we will be proud, proud. Each and relatives, neighbors talk about us, they are all smiles ......

Thanksgiving Jane Austria, Jane Austrian in these days, is the wealth of my life. Zhen-Ao no, I would not be so confident life. Here, think of all the brothers and sisters, said Austrian say a word: after the storm, you will be waiting for that beautiful rainbow!

ZHENAO - my home

Many people living likened mirror, you laugh it laugh, you cry it tears. I think Jane Austrian like a mirror, it you loyal dedication, hard pragmatic, it will also reward you. Seven years ago, I was one person alone to Dalian, said Austrian is to provide a platform for survival, development space, work, life, from department heads to Group executives have given the family-like care, let me never forget. People have a conscience, about feelings, although with a lot of leadership, replaced many departments, but Jane Austrian "home" atmosphere where not changed.

Living life, raw day when the ground do in a day. Jane Austrian has given me a platform to grow and struggle, not only here to give material rewards, Jane Austrian more exercise every day is a priceless treasure. If we make the Jane Austrian venture than an investment in Austria, said the corporate culture background, really true return on investment, return on investment how much, how much it is in Austria, said the seven year are worth it!

Nanfennanshe six years

Jane lasting bonds with Austria, in July 2005 in a job fair, the staff still remember me warm reception. Moving in a warm ilk Qinru my heart, I have no hesitation handed him first in my life a resume, it's that simple moment like I joined the Austrian Jane.

Jane Austrian course of six years of work, sincere, thoughtful, simple, natural and friendly personalized service concept I kept in mind, and truly love the culture into the work of customer service to his family, to customers as their parents. The silent, said Austrian situation, said Austrian love has deeply infected with me, every one of us infection, said Austrian tens of millions people around us said Austrian family.

2010 July, I still followed the Hubei Jane Austrian rebirth, still enduring to the end with the new Austrian Jane and grow together in a new starting point.

Devotion six years, I often perceive myself a lucky man, no matter when and where someone gave me help and care. With love and tolerance is that we make up my Jane Austrian dribs and drabs, future career, I still love Jane Austria, Jane Austrian still choose, still simply like Jane Austrian forward together.

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