Navy Fleet Forces Leaders to said Austrian tour to see BioValley Science

June 16, Liu in the column commander, political commissar Wang Guangxin, led a naval fleet above the regimental cadres were more than 120 people came to visit, said Austrian BioValley see school. Zhen-Ao Group chairman and CEO Chen Yuqi warmly received the delegation see the school. Ghimpu relevant leaders Dalian New, advanced equipment manufacturing parks guided tour.

The visit aims to understand the economic construction and development achievements in studying and implementing the President Xi powers reform, one of the main actions for reform strong military strategic thinking theory.

Chairman Chen Yuqi forward to visit a naval fleet briefly introduces Jane Austrian group of core industries, product type, development status and opportunities that lie ahead. President Chen said he was honored to be received, said Austrian navy cadres to visit, said Austrian feelings of the people's army for a long time, I hope to do something meaningful military construction.

Chairman Chen Yuqi to see school groups described before, said Austrian BioValley
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