Said Austrian was rated top 50 private enterprises in Dalian

 March 31, Dalian City, the private economic work conference held in World Expo Center. Honorary President of the National Federation of Huang Meng resumed before the special report. Liaoning Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Dalian Jun Tang, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng speech. Municipal People's Congress in Jingrui, municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Wan was present. The meeting was also attended by private enterprises, financial institutions, business base, representing industry associations.

  At the meeting, read out the Songshan Yun, deputy secretary of Dalian City, 50 private enterprises, tax list of top ten private enterprises, the top ten outstanding public service platform. Zhen-Ao Group was rated "top 50 private enterprises in Dalian City," the title.

Zhen-Ao Group chairman Chen Yuqi attend private Dalian Economic Work Conference

Tang Jun behalf of the municipal Party Secretary, Municipal People's Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, outstanding contribution to the long-standing private enterprises and private entrepreneurs for the Dalian Economic and social development of gratitude. Tang pointed out that private entrepreneurs shoulder important responsibilities in the old industrial base. We hope that private entrepreneurs in the overall revitalization process, the courage to play, the courage to act, growing belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics, the party and trust in government, confidence in the development of enterprises, the credibility of the social, political self-confidence to do on the development of self-reliance, the law consciously. Depending on innovation as the corporate life, depending on the market as the benchmark, as the talent for the soul of the enterprise, depending on the development of the management, led business has grown and healthy development.

Xiao Shengfeng pointed out that private economic interest, the economic interest; private economic prosperity, the prosperity of the city. To fully understand the implementation of a new round of great opportunities to the strategy of revitalizing the northeast city's private economic development, the state vigorously promote the reform of the supply side provides a golden opportunity for the development of the private economy, the public entrepreneurial innovation will be fully released Peoples Development of Private Economy potential to promote a new round of high-level opening up of private economic development into a powerful force, accurately grasp the new opportunities for the city's private economy development, new challenges, stood promote the overall revitalization of Dalian, the first comprehensive well-off society built height, to ensure the the development of private economy in a more prominent position good job.

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