ZHEN-AO integrity promo landing CCTV

At 19:57 on March 25 or so, two sets of CCTV, "consumer advocate" program broadcast a "good faith I first China" brand broadcasting. Zhen-Ao Group, as "to ensure the credibility ID" use of corporate, corporate credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise, because the integrity of consistent behavior of enterprises, the China Health Care Association recommended to participate in the "integrity of China I first" activities, and participate in CCTV broadcast commercials .


"My integrity of China first" corporate integrity oath videos With introduction of corporate culture, committed to make conscience products, public confidence in the brand, and not hype, product quality and traceability, etc., safeguard the interests of consumers, social responsibility, and provide consumers with fair , fairness, integrity, honesty consumer environment.

Videos from various angles to show the basic situation of enterprises from raw materials to market other products and production lines, effectively enhance the brand influence, in order to establish the integrity of Pioneer brand image.

Last night did not live to see the children of a small partner, you can click the link below to watch.


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