Dalian CPPCC "accelerate the development of health services in our city," Special Consultative Forum


July 8, 2015, Dalian CPPCC "accelerate the development of the city's health services" thematic consultations Forum Preparatory Meeting was successfully held in Austria, said the BioValley! Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee meeting, the city CPPCC Wang Jiasheng Branch Education Commission chaired municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Yang Aimin, deputy secretary of the municipal health meter, etc. Ma Quanying CPPCC Standing Committee, industrial party members and party members and other participants a total of more than 20 people, mainly for the City Planning Commission Guardian "opinions on promoting the healthy development of Service Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "the opinions") to discuss the draft, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Yang Aimin concluding remarks at the meeting.

   "Implementation Opinions" accelerate the development of health services, is to deepen the medical and health system, improve people's livelihood, enhance the quality of national health necessary requirement is to further expand domestic demand and promote an inevitable demand for jobs, changing patterns of development, is steady growth, promote reform, structural adjustment, effective means to benefit people's livelihood, to promote the city's economic and social transformation and development, to speed up the completion of the construction of the first area of the pilot area of industrial structure and economic and social development of great significance.

      The Chairman Yang said in his speech, Wei City Planning Commission "Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Service Industry" comprehensive and accurate, easy to operate, hope that all participants can learn and binding, "the State Council on promoting the healthy development of service industry "relevant departments closely, seriously reference suggestions and comments, and hope that" the opinions "can contribute to the health of the whole community.

Meeting site
City Vice Chairman Yang Aimin concluding speech at the meeting
Municipal CPPCC members, said Austrian Group chairman Chen Yuqi on the "Internet + health" statement

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