Opportunity and mission - Jane Austria Group 2014 grand opening


January 18, 2014, just completed, said Austrian biological Valley flags flying, drums and gongs, lion dancing, a festive and peaceful, a red long queue by the 14 bus slowly into the composition, said Austrian family across the country gathered here together to open in mid-2014, said Austrian group will hold screen.

Former member of the Central Discipline Inspection, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, China Health Care Association, president of the Chinese Association of Health Supervision Zhang Fenglou, IWF Secretary-General, Marvin Chairman of the Chinese Weightlifting Association Canton, China Old University Association executive vice president Yuan Xinli, China full-time vice president of the Association of social Workers corporate citizenship Committee, the Director-General Liu Weihua, China health care Association, vice chairman and secretary general Xu Huafeng, the Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Weightlifting Association, China power Fund Secretary-Ren Peng, chairman of the Bio Integration Group Mei Xiaodan, etc. leaders and guests attended the annual meeting.

Peking University School of Public Health Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, doctoral tutor, Professor, Chief Scientist, Nutrition Research Center, said Austrian Group Li Yong, director of the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacological Evaluation Center, State Key Laboratory of Chinese director of gastrointestinal pharmacology Meiqi Bing, vice president of pharmaceutical Science and technology, Dalian University of technology Meng Qingwei and other experts and scholars long-term cooperation with the Austrian Jane also invited to join the festivities.

Zhen-Ao Group chairman Chen Yusong, vice chairman and CEO Chen Yuqi, president Wu Tianjing, tube celebrate Lei, president of marketing, each vice president, vice president of marketing, the person in charge of the centers, said Austrian biotechnology company, said Austrian Pharmaceutical Company, Shanghai representatives of overseas distributors, said Austrian biotechnology company, said Austrian export companies, bio-agriculture, said Austrian companies, said Austrian pharmaceutical companies, large pharmacy, said Austrian head of the company, said Austrian Embassy in Malaysia and other countries and regions, the Group and its subsidiaries suppliers, distributors, representatives, media representatives and the national front-line employees, experts, managers, representatives of the group headquarters sector representatives participating.

Said Austrian since its establishment in 1996, has entered its 18th year of development, creating difficult for competitors to imitate, can not go beyond the internet. This annual meeting is stationed, said Austrian BioValley after the first annual meeting, said Austrian Group also opened a new chapter in the history of an important event. Meeting from the theme, content and form and detailed arrangements are made innovation and careful preparation.

At the meeting, Chen Yusong chairman made an important speech. He said the annual conference held in Austria, said the BioValley, not only marked the Bio Valley advance into the construction and completion of the countdown stage production preparation, but also sounded the full production and into the market ChongFengHao, but also marks a more open, said Austrian undertakings rapid and better development stage, Austria, said the implementation of the "four new initiatives" to create "Jane Austrian five" major impact far-reaching significance. He three "must" to all, said Austrian emplacements BioValley after ardent hope that we must firmly grasp the rare historical opportunity for development; the need to improve efficiency, the pursuit of efficiency; must adhere to innovation. He hoped that the Austrian people into Jane BioValley after concerted efforts to build into China, said Austrian health industry with international competitiveness of ten billion advanced biotechnology company, to build a family so that said Austrian realize the value of life platform, can create a settled Jane Austrian family every soul spiritual home.

At the meeting, Chief Executive Officer Chen Yuqi to "seize the opportunity to fulfill the mission of innovation and development" as its theme, summing up the work in 2013 and 2014 work plan to the General Assembly made a report said Austrian Group.

Not only for the annual meeting of the key tasks in 2014 and the presence of specific biological Valley after deployment, and unified thinking, and rallying a consensus, morale, exciting for shoulder, said Austrian ideals, opportunity and mission Jane Austrian who pointed out the goals and the way forward struggle, especially in the face standing in front of the spectacular grand BioValley, said Austrian people are all immersed in the joy of the move BioValley, filled with pride, pride and joy of Jane Austria and their future full of infinite longing and hope.

During the meeting, we talk about the chairman of the annual work report of 2014 business case and strategy for future development, said Austrian lively discussion and frank exchange, with more specific direction and clear objectives for future work.

Colorful annual meeting. Zhen-Ao Group received the International Weightlifting Federation, "the world's best partners," the honorary title; edited by Professor Li Yong, the national "Public Nutrition Improvement Project Office" recommendation, Peking University Medical Press pre-published the "Who's pulling the strings of your life - - nucleic Acid nutrition and health, "a book in advance to meet with you; Zhen-Ao Group to the national old university system continues to donate 20 million yuan, said Austrian products. Jane Austrian Pharmaceutical Company in cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry Research Center for evaluation of the pharmacological start "active peptides medicines evaluation studies" signing ceremony; Dalian University of Technology, said Austrian Group and jointly establish a "school-enterprise cooperation Technology Center" to accelerate research and industrialization process.

Annual meeting of high-end atmosphere, part of the compact. Annual awards ceremony and the awards ceremony the most beautiful treasure Austrian people, not only to show the people said Austrian practice love culture, heritage, said Austrian man of integrity, Jide, do good, filial virtue, but also shows Jane Austrian people struggle dedication, perseverance , perseverance and faith, love and dedication of style, one of the most inspiring story of Jenny Austrian people, unite the people, to become one of the biggest highlights of the annual meeting. "Jane Austrian Light" appreciation dinner for more than a year of hard work, said Austrian who presented a taste and visual gluttonous feast. Delegates also visited the spirits said Austrian Bio Valley.

With the 18th anniversary, said Austrian mark the opening, swearing and Wu Tianjing market closing remarks, President of the General Assembly, the annual meeting come to an end. Delegates have said that the annual meeting will certainly bring back the spirit of the market, and all my colleagues to understand, implement, in the new year to seize the opportunity to fulfill our mission to achieve the ideals and personal values, said Austrian tireless hard work.

Zhen-Ao Group chairman Chen Yusong for the annual speech.

Former member of the Central Discipline Inspection, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, China Health Care Association, president of the Chinese Association of Health Supervision Zhang Fenglou speech.

Zhen-Ao Group CEO Chen Yuqi to the General Assembly entitled "seize the opportunity to fulfill the mission of innovation and development" report.

Zhen-Ao Group President Wu Tianjing Chair.

Yu Xiaodong main Ren Xiangzhen Austrian group issued major health industry alliance vice president of units plaque.

Professor Li Yong (second from right), Xiaodong director (second from left), Wu Tianjing CEO (left), director Li Jie together for the new book "Who's pulling the strings in your life," pre-release opening.

Tube Qing Lei Zhen-Ao Group Marketing Group International, said Austrian president on behalf of health products to Chinese old university system.

Ma Wenguang President (right), on behalf of the International Weightlifting Federation awarded the "Outstanding Global Partner" plaque to Jane Austrian group.

Dalian University of Science and Technology and Pharmaceuticals, said Austrian Group signed a "school-enterprise cooperation Technology Center" agreement.

Jane Austrian Pharmaceutical Company in cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry Research Center for evaluation of the pharmacological start "active peptides medicines evaluation studies."

Zhen-Ao Group President Wu Tianjing and Bio Integration Group President Mei Xiaodan together for the Fifth International DNA and Genome Week countdown unveiled.

The most beautiful treasure Austrian man award.

Eleventh Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program, said Austrian achievements this project was the Swiss decryption.

Jane Olympic marketing management committee leaders jointly established eighteen years celebrations dedicated to opening said Austrian flag.

BioValley rise.

2014 'in the scene.

2014 'in the scene.

The bus parked in front of office buildings, said Austrian Bio Valley, orderly market elites into the hall.

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