China major health industry alliance established in Beijing, said Austrian Group as vice chairman of

December 19, China Health Industry Alliance & Health Industry report will be held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel, former Vice Minister Hand dry, the CPPCC National Committee, former Vice Minister of Health Yin Dakui, Chinese Vice Industry Development Association long Zhang long, national public nutrition improvement project office Director Yu Xiaodong and other leaders guests, over thirty national mainstream media, well-known business representatives attended the meeting. Vice president of marketing, said Austrian Group on behalf of Ren Hongwei said Austrian participants.

At the meeting, China Health Industry Alliance was formally established, all Alliance members vote "Union" and listened to the Constitution "Union" work plans. Union to improve public nutrition programs by the National Office of Chinese Industry Development Association Joint Zhen-Ao Group, including dozens of well-known co-sponsored enterprises, will conduct research necessary for healthy development of related industries, regulations, policies, standards, and promote the improvement of health related industrial system, promote technology and product innovation in the national construction and development base throughout the health industry demonstration zone, and strengthen self-discipline, and maintain normal market order. Zhen-Ao Group because of our health industry contributions and influence, China Health Industry Alliance members to join the first phase, and became vice chairman of the unit.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and relevant leaders attended the meeting and made important instructions on the industry, on behalf of Alliance members on the government support, the discourse environment, market development and other topics in-depth discussions and put forward proposals for the common development of China's health industry depicted good development blueprint.

 Group vice president of marketing representatives of Zhen Ren Hongwei Austria to attend the "China Health Industry Alliance" founding ceremony

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