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Functional liquid fertilizer - Gold Elements
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Specifications: 100ml

Main ingredient: N + P2O5 + k2O≥20% ,, biochemical fulvic acid ≥4%, the trace elements, the right amount of natural 5'-nucleotide

Fertilizer features:

 (A), gold elements reflect the latest nutrition regulator fertilizer idea - set nutrition, stress tolerance and growth regulation as a whole

  Gold elements are based on plant nutrition, plant physiology principle to develop a new type of fertilizer, which combines nutrients, plant growth regulators, fertilizers absorb synergist as one, with plant nutrients can provide timely and effective function of regulating the growth of plants, is the most avant-garde, most scientific functional fertilizer.

 (Ii) gold-factor authentication scientific crop cultivation theory - balanced nutrition

  Gold elements rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, biochemical fulvic acid and trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum, etc.). Large number of elements, trace elements and growth regulators cooperate with each other to provide balanced nutrients for plant uptake, and regulating plant growth, improve the yield and quality of crops.

 (III), gold element provides a convenient nutritional science channel - direct foliar feeding

  Gold features three hours or so can be absorbed by plants, fertilizer plants and roots absorb the fastest to 72 hours, can quickly add nutrition, effective solution to many of the elements are fixed and the uneven distribution of soil problems.

Ten effect:

(A) Soil Phosphorus and Potassium activation

(B) promote strong root Qi Miao Miao Zhuang

(C) to add green leaf protection enhancements

(Iv) protecting flower and fruit seeds fruit abundance

(V) strong strain fitness to prevent premature aging

(F) with less insecticide and fertilizer efficiency

(Vii) high-yield disease resistance

(Viii) increase yield significantly

(Ix) improve the quality of efficiency increase

(J) the green low-carbon safety

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