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Feng dash
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Product Features:

Add unique 5'-nucleotides, microorganisms oligochitosan, microbial metabolites.

Chelated trace elements in all states.

Nitrate content of more than 8%.

Biochemically synthesized, not compacted. 100% water soluble, drip irrigation is not blocked.

Regulating plant growth can effectively reduce the incidence of root diseases.

After administration of the crop will soon be absorbed efficiently, improve crop quality, increase production significantly.


The ratio of science, comprehensive nutrition. Absorption, high utilization rate.

Crop root system, large, thick leaves of bright flowering more good fruit, fruit and tidy.

Lifting injury, disease, cold, anti-cropping.

Adjust the soil PH value, loose soil, increase in temperature.

Promote crop growth, improve crop quality and increase production.

Applicable crops:

This product can be widely used in vegetable crops, fruit crops, horticultural crops and cash crops.


Chong Shi: 2.5-5kg / acre. 7-10 days Chong Shi once.

Drip Irrigation: according to the amount added to the drip irrigation system. 2.5-5kg / mu 7-10 days.

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